XLimit switch will never switch?

We’ve finished all hardware, and we just realized one of the switches will never switch : when the spindle will move along the X axis, the VWheel of YAxis will be hurt before the limit Xaxis switch.

Did anyone experimented this before ?

Those are not Limit Switch. Simply Homing switches. After you home your machine and start running job, their job is over. Were you be able to run home at the beginning?

We’ve not finished the assembly yet (we’re at electronic phase), but we saw that, when we move the spindled at close as possible to border, the home switch cannot touch the border : it’s about 1cm (0.3inch) far from it. I’ll take a picture asap to show.

There is a post assembly insert nut and screw that get installed as a bumper for the X and Y homing switches. I think it’s shown at the end of the instructions.

Thanks Rusty !
I found a photo of it in this other post :

And I found the instructions there http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/step14/

Yes, I am experiencing that very problem right now. The front plate of the X-Carriage is hitting the left Y-Plate smooth idler wheel. I see no way to correct this. Two questions about the problem have gone unanswered for two, now. The X-axis limit switch can’t touch the Y-Plate.


I don’t understand. It seems like this thread answers your question.

No problem, glad you format sorted. I thought it was strange that there is no mention about the bumper bolt (is that what we should call them?) during the installation of the switches.

It does talk specifically about these “bumpers” in the instructions. At the end of the Limit Switch section it states:

Now is a good time to add the “actuators” for the limit switches. Start with the X-Axis limit switch actuator.

at the link above for the instructions

@GeraldRKapin does this not answer your question as well?

Hmm, must have been easy to miss, I know I did!

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