Xy position prior to carve

How can I see the exact location of my machines bit xy axis prior to a carve? For example the machine is carving and power goes out. How can I find exact starting point once power comes back on to move my machine to.

If you have home switches you can go into the carve cycle and do the x,y,z zeroing and right b4 you send the carve you can exit out of that popup, then go into machine inspector and check what the machine position is, record these numbers and re-positon the cnc there after a power failure.

If you want to get more advanced with it you could set up a g28 position for the carve and then you wouldn’t need to write down the coordinates but it’s a bit of a tricker process in easel…

To take it further, it would be so much easier if the coordinates were displayed on the main screen and if there were g28 buttons on the screen…, well if you save your easel gcode add use a seperare gcode sender like OpenBuilds Control, it had those exact features right on the main interface screen…:man_shrugging:

If your machine has Homing switches installed and you home the machine prior to starting a carve (or at the startup of the machine), all you have to do after a power cycle is re-Home the machine. Since the Work Home is actually an offset from the Machine Home (established when Homing the machine) and the Work Home position is persistent across power cycles, the Work Home will not need to be reestablished as long as the stock has not been moved or limit switches adjusted during the power outage. When Easel prompts you during the process to start a carve, just press the button to use the last home position.

The only problem is that the program will be resent in its entirety and will start from the very beginning. So, you might be carving air for a little while…

The feature above is used quite often for making multiples of the same item while being able to split their production across various times spent in the shop (i.e. power down at the end of the day and restart the next day).


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