XYZ probe from openbuilds

I have a cnc kit and I bought all my electronics, motors and wiring from openbuilds. I have the xyz probe and how do I get it to work on easel. It is connected thru the openbuilds black box.

if you are running open builds you would first (home all) once you have done that another icon pops up then the new prompt will pop up in the same line, that is where you go in and set zero using the puck. Im sorry I am not at computer to explain in full but maybe Seth will join in and fill in the gaps I missed.

The only XYZ Probe that works with Easel as the cnc controller is the Triquetra because it included a Google Chrome extension that allows it to kinda control Easel through the back end of the browser… I Suggest using OpenBuilds Control to control the cnc. So In easel you would go to Project>Download Gcode and then open the Gcode file in OpenBuilds AND you can use the probe wizard to setup that XYZ Probe, ANY XYZ Probe will actually work with OpenBuilds, along with ANY puck style Z only probe, the wizard tool makes setup pretty simple for all of them.

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