XYZ zeroing

Hi All,

I’m brand new to CNC and have experienced some strange operation and outcomes in carving my first (very simple) project. I wanted to carve a precise cutout for a Jessum router lift, a 3/8” pocket with radius corners.

I created the shape in Easel, homed the machine, set a work zero and did a test cut on scrap at 1/16”. I used the machine controls within Easel to move the gantry in order to test fit the insert. I decided to add .005 to each axis for a better fit and run another 1/16” pass. I selected the “use last xyz”. The machine went to the left rear and then straight down thru the 5/8” material and another 1/4” before I got to the e-stop.

I homed it (again), set work zero (again), probed the z (again) and ran the second pass. I was slightly off in my x zero in relation to the first pass and it left a small ridge but close enough to test and move on to the actual material.

My first question, what did I do wrong to have “last zero” not function correctly?
Second, is there an aftermarket or upgrade 3 axis device to ensure repeatability on xyz zeroing?

I went thru the process again on the actual material (not wanting to chance using “last zero” again) and carved it without incident. After the carve, things got strange. I went to the controls to jog the machine, but the carve window kept opening and asking me to confirm material thickness. The machine controls were unresponsive. I closed the project and reopened, same result. I tried opening a new project, same result. I logged out and back in, same result. I cycled power on the controller, same result.

Somewhere in all of this, I was finally able to jog the x by .1 by hovering my cursor to the lower right of button (actually off the button). When trying to increase the jog amount to 1, it changed unit of measure to mm, which is the button above!? It seemed that the entire menu was “off”.

I did the latest driver update yesterday before doing this work. I’ve read a number of posts discussing problems others are experiencing post update. I have a brand new laptop running windows 11. Any answer, thought or feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, Brent

What browser are you using?

Microsoft Edge

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