Y Axis Belt Clips (Static & Dynamic) - Does Location Matter?

I started wondering about this while Installing my Y axis limit switch actuators. The Y axis limit switch is on the front of the carriage, but there’s nothing at the front end for it to hit (except the end). But in back, the carriage hits the dynamic belt clip’s tensioning bolt.

The instructions for Y axis belt clips just say to repeat the X-axis process two more times. I didn’t find anything saying static or dynamic should be at a certain end. I randomly put dynamic at the back. Now it looks like the limit switch is supposed to prevent the carriage from hitting the dynamic belt clip in front.

Do I need to reverse those belts so the dynamic clip is at the front? Is that what the limit switch is for?

At the end of the instructions you will install a bumper screw for the limit switch to hit

As Sketch says, you add a pre/post insertion nut, and screw a bolt into it to act as an adjustable stop.
I found that I had problems where the little wheel on the end of the switch hit the screw either above or below center, sometimes leading to a crash stop, so I took a scrap rectangle of MDF, sized it to fit the flat area where the screw goes (about 0.5 inch x 1.25 inch I think), and screwed the stop bolt through that.

This way the homing witches seemed much more reliable.


Thanks for your answers, gents. I know about the bumper screw; it was when I was installing it that I came upon this question. See, the bumper screw goes at the front on the Y axis, but it’s in the back, behind the carriage, that one of the V-wheels is hitting the adjustment screw of the belt clip. Since there’s no limit switch on the back to prevent this, I thought maybe the adjustment screw was supposed to go on the front.

I’m just going to move them to the front anyway to be safe.