Y-axis binding issue

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here?

Y-axis binding

This is an Xcarve I bought from a guy on Facebook.

May be a little hard to tell from video but one of the risers gets in a bind.
This is happening while jogging thru Easel. If I jog slow-med, it doesn’t happen. If I go faster, it happens every time. Usually, the right side binds, but the left has done it.

I have checked square. Checked distance between axis rails in front, middle, and back. Checked stepper wiring.

The only issue I have seen is the v wheels on top of the rail. As the riser runs down the rail, the tension on the wheels will vary. Sometimes 1 is tight, 2 is snug, 3&4 are loose, but a few inches later, they are all different. I swapped out the polycarbonate wheels for delrin just to see if anything changed, and it didn’t.

Only other thoughts could be the lead screws but I wouldn’t really know where to start there.

I’m not really sure what the issue is or how to correct it.

check your wires to both Y1 and Y2, it seems like one of them lost power.

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It could be steppers locking up from driving too quickly.
What are the grbl settings?


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Drop your $110 and $111.
Start at 4000.
Leadscrews aren’t the most efficient… You’ll have to feed slower.


Ok thanks. I’ll try that in the morning and report back