Y axis binding or not moving [Resolved]

It might sound like a similar problem I had! My Y axis would kind of vibrate the first few times I moved it and then smooth out, and during a project I would loose steps throwing off my cuts!! I had also checked my belts and eccentric nuts and everything was good! It ended up that I needed to adjusted the Potentiometer current up just a hair and seemed to do the trick!

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I agree with Thomas Gonzales. I had a problem where my y axis would move just fine when jogging the machine with Universal G code sender when set at 1 inch per movement. When I set it up to jog at more than 3 inches at a it would stall and growl. Sounded like a loose and skipping belt. Everything was nice and tight. I went to the potentiometer for the Y axis and gave it a very small adjustment clockwise and bingo. No more growling. Will jog smoothly at all speeds. Give it a shot, I’ll bet that fixes it for you.

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Forgive my ignorance but is that the small dial on the g shield?

Yes, there are three, one for each axis.

what is the constant voltage that should be running through those wires? and i guess i’ll give it a one notch at a time adjustment till something different happens :wink:

It’s the white square/dial, just to the left of each axis’s label

i’m assuming this guy
dont want to bother the wrong one :slight_smile:

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If its the Y axis thats giving you the problem then yes that would be the one to adjust! If its only an intermittent problem then I dont see having to adjust more than 1 notch!

I agree. One notch then test. I use UGS so i’ll set it to 10in or travel and move it around see what happens after the adjustment

I also had this issue and had to tune the pot to eliminate it. I also had an issue with the gshield not staying set in the arduino. There are several posts on this phenomenon as well. A bit of structure on top of the gshield and then securing the fan on the box sandwiching the whole thing together solved all my movement problems related to the x and y travels.

i adjusted the Y axis voltage one notch and all seems well so far. thank you all for your help and suggestions!

Your welcome! Glad you got it fixed!

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Z axis is set to 1.25A…no issues so far, just getting warmer than my other motorsm…do you think i can get away with cranking the amps down? Not sure how much work it’s downing compared to the others…also had to adjust up my y-axis motors amps due to missing steps

idk but i’m thinking about getting some tiny heat sinks like i got for my raspberry pi an slapping them on my g-shield to help with heat dissipation. figured it can’t hurt.

Bingo! That was it! Thank you so much. I have been fighting this for weeks, and it turns out that this was my problem also.

Glad to hear you got it figured out!!

hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for documenting this! I was having the same issues and it was really frustrating. Adjusted the potentiometer and no more issues.

New user here, just had this problem, solved it the same way.

Wow thats awsome that solved my issue as well this is should be in the instructions or the tune up section because its so common.
Thanks .

Yeah, this seems to be such a frequent issue, I wonder if it should be in the instructions, or maybe it should be increased before being shipped out?