Y axis cutting distance off

Notice that when I cut an object out, been trying to cut guitar necks, that in the Y direction its not cutting accurately. SO i cut a test cut of a square that is 2 7/32" x 5". The first dimension is the width of a neck and the heel. the actual dimension turned out to be 2 3/16". So about 1/32" of an inch short. In the X direction its perfectly 5".

Ive tightened all the belts to what i think is tight. All the V nuts are set properly. Not sure what to do.

Any thoughts?


it would have to be in your stepper calibration. normally, actual cutting diameter of a bit can cause that much variance, but since the X dimensions are accurate, then that basically leaves calibration.

I would generate some squares on scrap and measure them with a digital caliper. Then do the math needed to figure out what the step change is for both axes. I have about 5 undersize tele necks here as a result of error. It’s a ratio from what you get to what you want. I’m still not quite there…close, but could be closer. If you need to, aim for a bit wider in the heel as you can always sand it down some.

Unfortunately, if you calibrate your steps/mm based on the 2 3/16", that might not fix the issue. If you’re cutting a piece 20" long, I’d recommend calibrating 20" of travel.

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Thanks for the responses. Will try those this afternoon.

Anyone know how to get the router to move a specific distance for the purposes of calibration?

Just draw a line in Easel the length that you want it to move, I have a 500mm ruler so I drew a line 500mm with a cut dept of .001.

How big of a squares do you recommend?

I didn’t exceed the measuring range of my digital caliper of 4". If you have UGS, you can use the command feature and write/enter a line of code to move a certain distance. You also can jog via the keyboard or screen, and that’ll move an inch or mm per clic depending on what it is set to.