Y AXIS died - gShield v5b . HElppppp

Hello, I need help diagnosing the problem before I start buying replacement parts .I guess my controller is the first edition of Xcarve.
The Control Board is gShield v5b, which is connected to the Arduino UNO module .

Today during work the Y axis has stopped working. I did the test and connected the Y-axis motors to the X-axis and they work properly, so this is not a motor problem .

During the test I found that the Y axis connection does not flash green (litle LED) it looks like there is no power supply. Should I replace gShield v 5b with Arduino UNO? or only gShield 5vb?
Please advise people who have experience with this problem.


I just replaced the GShield when mine went bad. Since your X and Z are working, it is a good bet the Arduino is OK. But it might be advisable to order a genuine Uno to keep on hand as a spare. I also had a Uno go bad. Do not buy a Chinese Uno clone. Results with those are mixed.

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Hi John ,
Thank you for your response .
I live in the UK and I am very surprised that only one gShield 5v available on Amazon.( 61£ ) There is no sale on eBay or in the electronics store. Arduino UNO is available at local RC Componemnts 19 £. Do you know why it is there any popular replacement that I can use use instead gShield / Arduino UNO . ?

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Perhaps you might build your own control replacement using low cost components. Result is low initial cost, replaceable components, customizable as you need.

Technically speaking a shield is not required.
A good shield is however conveniant.

I would advice you to source individual drivers (TB6600 being very cheap and powerful to name one) so if one driver goes belly-up its quick and easy to replace.

Minimum requirement:
TB6600A - Layout04

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