Y axis freezes after jogging back and forth

When trying to home my machine the Y axis freezes after jogging back and forth a few times. I have checked all wiring, tightened nuts, belts, V wheels move as they should, no debris. I did see the Y light on G shield flicker on and off and motors made and odd noise… Can anyone offer a way of checking if the X carve is set up “square” besides using a yard stick?Can’t wait to get my hands on my new X box controller.

You could be experiencing electrical noises on your homing switch wires that cause a false trigger on the homing switch which would terminate the movement of the Y axis prematurely.

Do you have shielded wire hooking up the homing swtiches, or low pass filters on the homing switch wires?

Just to get more information does your Y axis work properly when you jog the machine during Easel Machine Setup?

The problem first began after I would home the machine successfully than while trying to jog the spindle to the corner the Y axis would freeze. I have since increased the motor power and it seems to have gotten worse. It now freezes before ever getting to homing cycle. I will adjust voltage pot than try again. To answer your other questions… I am using the wire supplied for the switches and no I do not have any noise filtering setup. Thanks for your time and help.

Rule of thumb setting for the pot would be with the pointer between 11 and 12 o’clock. Your mileage may vary.