Y-Axis greater than movement of X-Axis

Good Evening! First time user here, set up the machine, went to make a test carve, and the spindle went above (Y-Axis) the board to carve. I attempted multiple times, with/without z-probe, re-setting up machine, double/triple checking measurements, nothing works, and even lost a clamp piece when the spindle returned back to the xy zero at the front left corner of the board when I neglected to wait until the path of “straight line home” was clear of the clamp. I then noticed that the Y-Axis movements was greatly exacerbated, a 10mm jog command with the Y-Axis will send it ~85, 90mm while the X-Axis does 10mm. It would notionally explain why the spindle keeps going above the board, but I cannot see any setting to calibrate/fix this difference. Thoughts?

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You need to calibrate your steps per mm, there are several youtube video’s. I believe PawPaws work shop has one as well, below is a page I had bookmarked

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Incredible, thank you so much! Using 10mm jogs, I can now run perfect 60cm squares, returning to the exact same starting point. X-Axis, $100, was very very close to default, adjusted to 39.868. Y-Axis, $101, the problem-child, is now 10.004. Wayyyyyy off from the default 40.000. Again, thank you for the link!!

Sounds like the microstep setting of your Y-driver is set different.