Y axis grinds when moving

Somebody Please help!! This is the first time this has happened. Right in the middle of a project the Y axis started grinding and one side couldn’t keep up with the other and it completely ruined the project. What do I need to do to fix this?

Could be a loose wire

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No lose wire. It seems to happen when the Y axis is in the moving to the middle of the rails? Not sure what that means.

So it is binding? Is it hitting something…an obstruction?

It is not hitting anything. I don’t have a meter. What type of meter do I need.

I had something similar where one side of the y axis didn’t seem to be moving smoothly, and was causing the whole thing to get wonky. It was a loose wire that looked like it was still in place. Re-terminated the wire and everything was good.

I just went through and tightened every wire and it still doing the grinding. It seems to be the right side stepper motor that is acting up.

Is there a way to adjust the right side with the x-controller?

This is a real problem when I can’t get my projects complete. can some from Inventables please help. This cant be the first time this has happened to someone. I just need someone to walk me through the steps. Please contact me at 240-446-2990. I don’t know what else to do.

Thanks Bob.

I know this is a long shot, but check for a grub screw in the track. I’ve had it happen before where one backed out of the pulley and got stuck under the belt.

Does this happen now and then or is it consistent?

Did you set your X, Y, Z Stepper motor potentionmeters? I had a similar problem but with a 2 minute adjustment to the potentiometers everything worked fine.

Try a search… There’s a good video of how to do this easily somewhere.

Thanks for the information guys. I was so frustrated that I completely dismantled my XCarve and I am in the process of a complete re wire and readjustment of the V wheels on the machine. I will let you know if this resolves the issue.

Any luck? I just came across the same issue an hour ago, been trying to figure out whats causing it.

Not yet I should have my machine fully operational by Saturday. I will post results then. I do know it has been frustrating trying to figure this out and I hope this works.

Dose anyone know the g code that makes the CNC move forward and backwards to allow adjustment of the potentiometers? I have the X Carve 1000mm and I use Picsender.

I do not know the code, I thought my issue was the y-axis wiring because i ran it under the wasteboard after stiffening the x axis, so i made a brace behind the x axis and ran new wires for the entire y axis, seemed to work for 4 minutes then started dropping steps one side. On to adjusting the potentiometers, if i find the code you’re looking for ill post it. Trying to fix this tonight.

Just make a line in Easel of say 15" and set material to 1" thick, let the Xcarve run that axis at high speed with minimum Depth per pass. This will make the xcarve go back and forth for several minutes allowing you to read/adjust potmeter.

It may not be required as per Phil’s suggestiong since you have the X-controller which is preset at Inventables.
On your Y-axis you have two motors right? Y1 and Y2? If you swap these two over is it the same side that grinds?

Thanks everyone for your input. I took the XCarve apart readjusted all the vwheels and re-wired the machine with 18/4 solid core sprinkler wire that I bought at Lows. Ran a carve with no grinding and no problems at all. I am not sure if it was the wire or the adjustment on the vwheels. Either way I am going to do another carve this weekend and I am hoping for the same results. I will keep you posted. Thanks

Thanks Phil, hopefully it will last longer than a month and if it doesn’t I will do it again.

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