Y-axis has more 'play' in off position since X-Controller install

I immediately noticed this after installing the X-Controller, and, only exists when the X-Controller is ‘off’… When moving the X axis bar into position, I’ve noticed the Y axis have more play. I must make sure to grab as close to the center of the X axis when moving it.
I imagine it’s because the motors are now separately wired? It hasn’t effected any function yet, just an observation. Has anyone experienced this yet?

I agree. I’ve found the y motion to be much easier (manually) with the controller on as well.

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i would asume this is because the motors are no longer wired to one another, so they are no longer pushing/pulling each other as you move the gantry. even before though, a always keep a nice little 5 inch block (roughly) and square up both ends from the front of the machine, then flip it on and it holds its square. i do this every time i turn it on.