Y axis Homing issues

I have the X-carve 1000mm. during the testing of the axis phase they all move in the correct directions. how ever once getting to the y1-2 homing text it goes to the rear instead of towards the front of the machine which is the side the limit switch is on. it says if moving in the wrong direction to change the gbrl but i am not sure which or what to change it to. can anyone help me please?

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What’s your $23 setting?
In the console, send $$

my $23 setting is at 3

I set $23 tp 1 which rectified the issue. However now when i start cutting my path it starts upside down and starts the cut slightly off the bored even if i zeroed it

Are you sure they moved in the correct directions before you tried to home?
Change $23 back, turn off your machine, and swap Y1 and Y2 connectors at the controller.

i am pretty sure they are moving the correct way. the problem is it starts as 0 on the opposite corner and the image is backwards. if it would help i could zoom someone to show whats going on.