Y axis homing switch

I am going through the set-up process. The Z, X and Y axis all move as they should. In the homing process, the Z axis functions properly. The gantry travels to the end of the Y axis and the Y axis homing switch is contacted. However, the step motor does not stop and the switch does not light until after I press the soft reset when I perform the homing in machine inspection. I have tried adjusting the contact but it appears to be engaging.

could have a bad switch or wires… you can unplug the back of the switch and see if touching the connectors together triggers the green circle indicator in machine inspector… IF yes, then sound like a bad switch, IF not, then move further down the chain… remove the wires from the back of the xcontroller and jumper those 2 ports (a paperclip will work) does that signal on the screen? if not, then it’s something inside.

But hopefully its only the switch!

Thank you. It was a bad switch.

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