Y-Axis Inconsistent Movement

I finally managed to assemble my X-Carve and had a successful first test cut. However, when I tried something a little more complex, the Y-axis seemed to get out of sync and ended up breaking the bit in the machine.

When I measure the distance from the from edge to the left Y gantry it’s about 1/8 of an inch different than the right side. After adjusting, it’s OK for a few movements before it’s out of sync again.

Could this be a problem with the belt tension or slippage? How do I go about troubleshooting?


I know this seems tedious but i plan on counting the actual number of teeth on each belt. Not so much measuring by distance but by teeth. seems since they run on these teeth, they are more important than just the distance

Its likely a loose belt or check your v wheels and pulley’s , as they can get loose.

I had a similar issue, The Y axis was stiff, and the belts were giving me trouble. I got it hooked up and the Y axis made a racket and shook the table when jogging, and while working on it it all the sudden went silent. I think the belts were too tight pulling the X axis out of true, then one of the belts slipped. I loosened the Y axis belts from all four attachment points and re tightened them, and it has been working great since then. So you might try the same thing.

I managed to fix the issue!

  1. The Y-axis belts were slipping. I aligned each side (not by counting teeth, but by measuring the distance from the gantry to the edge). I also used electrical tape to secure the teeth of the belt before it entered the adjustment clip. This helped with slippage.

  2. I had an error in my model. There was a stray layer that caused the machine to plow through uncut area, mis-aligning the gantry and eventually breaking the bit.

Thanks for all the help!