Y axis is off and does not run smooth

Hello to everyone, I just assembled my X Carve after 2 days and a lot of web search to insure all I did was right. I ran a test piece and my Y axis is not smooth it jerks a bit and this make carving un precise. I can’t seem to find an answer can someone help me.
Thanks to all

Sounds like one of the y axis motors might not be working. Double check the wires to each motor and at the back of the controller.

Did you reverse the wiring on one of the Y motor’s phases as per the assembly instructions?

I have inverted the wires so that both motors run in the same way. I tried running the Y one after the other and Y2 runs fine and Y1 is the faulty one……

Just unplugged everything and re plugged and now it works…. Ha go figure it must be one of those Xmas elfe toying with my sanity….
Thanks Larry and Mechanical Goose for your input

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