Y Axis issue

Just joined and built first machine. X and Z look fine, Y motor getting power (light on and tested off line-light came on when moved by hand). I am getting power to Y but just makes a noise and looks like it is trying but does not move in test mode. I loosened the bands and I moves fine when no power-any suggestions?

Take a look here:

And here:

had something like that found i for got about reversing one motor

I rechecked this again, got the following from left-red/white, red/blue, green/green, black/black. Is that what you have? I pushed the Y Axis to top of rails (turned off) to see if it was out of square, checked all wiring, still can not get this to work. Belts seem fine

The Y wires need to be inserted opposite each other into the g shield because they spin in opposite directions.

If they are inserted in the same order the motors will “fight” each other and it will make that grinding noise you mentioned.

That’s the way my wiring is at the junction of the two Y stepper motors. Maybe you have your two red wires backwards.

Check the other end. From the stepper motor, left to right, red-blue-green-black.
From the add on wire, left to right, red-white-green-black.

Still having issues. Rewired the entire device this weekend and same issue. I verified again the red/blue and red/white on the Y axis motor side and all good there. I move the potentiometers until I maxed out and then backed it off, just like the video suggested. I am lost.

Let me catch up. The current situation is that the X and Z axes work correctly and the Y axis does not.

Is that right?

Correct. If looking at the front of the machine and referencing the Y axis, the right side wiring of stepper motor is exact to all other motors, red/red, blue/white, green/green and black/black. The left rail Y axis motor that connect the right motor, i followed instructions and wired red/white/red, blue/red/white, green/green/green and black/black/black. It seems like the two motors are fighting each other. Any ideas?

I have some work to do, so it will be a few hours before I can take a good look at this. In the meantime you could try the following.

This is just a test and you shouldn’t operate you machine very long for this test.

If you have a router as your spindle, take it off to lessen the weight. Disconnect the wires of the Y stepper motor on the right of the machine, the one with just one set of wires hooked to it. If you used the terminal blocks just un-hook the motor and leave the add on wire hooked to the terminal block.

Turn on your machine and try to jog your machine on the Y axis and note the results. See if the gantry moves and if it moves in the correct direction.

I’ll get back to this later today.

Did everything that you suggested- I removed the Dewalt 611, removed the right side stepper motor wiring tried to move the Y axis and the same grinding occurred.

Ok, disconnect the Y axis add on wire from the left side of the machine. So you will be left with red(motor)/red to the gShield, blue(motor)/white to the gShield, green(motor)/green to the gShield, black(motor)/black to the gShield.

So, basically you have the left Y motor hooked up like the X and Z with the add on wire disconnected.

Try the jogging again.

If that doesn’t work try adjusting the current limit for Y to see if it is just underpowered.

Got it! I adjusted the pot and it works. Thank you Sir for all of your help. If I can return the favor…

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Did you hook everything back up?

Yes, working on homing the unit now. Z is good but X maxs out. Ran out of time last night but will work on it today. Thank you for all of your help.

If you need help look here: