Y-Axis jamming at one specific point

I have been working on a projects (inlays) and I had the Xcarve running for about 5 hours yesterday (6/5). The machine was working perfectly all day, not one issue. As I finished cutting out the last pieces for the inlays, I moved the x-axis back so I could access all of the hold downs. I pulled the cut pieces out. Added in the new piece of wood and went to move the gantry back.

At about the 4" mark (back from zero), the whole gantry locks up and I can’t move it back any more. Checked the V-wheels, everything is in contact, cleaned the wood bits off the rails and checked the belts (although not supper tight, they are tight).

I have not checked for square, but if it was working perfectly find one minute and then this happens; what gives?

Any one else had this issue?

Both. I can force it by hand, but I only did that once. Didn’t want to break the NEMA 23s. Jogging, it just binds…it hits the spot and won’t move.

I’ll have to check the V-Wheels when i get home, but they didn’t seem to be any tighter than they have been in the past. Like I said, it moves fine until the gantry hits that spot and if I force it past the spot, it works fine.

How could the device get out of square from normal use?

No dents or dings in the slide v’s.

Moving the gantry by hand is only done with the power off.

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Nope; I’ll try that when I get home too. But would I have to disconnect the motors, or just disconnect the power source?

I’m pretty sure this issue is mechanical.

Thats a good idea. I’ll take the y belts out this evening and see if it binds. If it binds without the belts I can eliminate those and the motors. That would been the rails and/or v wheels.

I’ll post results this evening! Thanks for the help!

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Same, I was going to suggest watching the Y pulleys, I once had an issue where the belt got stripped in the same spot on both sides, I could jog Y+ until I hit it, then nothing, but could jog Y- and itd find its way back…

I’m almost too embarrassed to add this, but i got it fixed. I took pictures, but I’m going to post them. Some how a hold down that I wasn’t using that was screwed into the waste board, fell off the side and was causing the wheels to crash into it.

That will do it. DOH!


The most simple things are often the most embarrassing…