Y-axis locking up

Hi, I am an engineering teacher in Atlanta, and I have been trying to get my x-carve 750mm CNC working. The left side motor seems to be getting stuck or caught up in a mysterious random places. I have loosened the belt, tightened the belt, unscrewed the motor, inspected the path of the belt, and checked for any grooves on the belt missing. One side of the y-axis works fine without any grinding or halting, but the side closest to the controller grinds, halts, and creates a misalignment on the y-axis. I am a newbie to this and would appreciate any additional advice, guidance, and/or help.

I’m not an expert in it getting hung up, but have you checked to make sure the eccentric nuts are not so tight they won’t allow the wheels to turn? I think the rule I have been reading is you should be able to rotate the wheels with two fingers, but not with one.

also check your wiring to both sides of the Y-axis. if one is loose then it would cause what you have described.

I’ll do it, thanks

Thanks! I tried checking the eccentric nuts and they allowed the wheels to turn but it was still having the same problems. Strangely enough even with the power off, the y-axis on the controller side would still snag a little. I will try checking the wires next.

Sounds like wires. If you have x controller you can just unplug and use a dmm

Thank you so much, it ended up being a loose wire. I feel like such a fool… I appreciate everyone’s help and am eager to contribute once I get a good sense of projects and activities with the CNC router.

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I am having the same issue and I found a loose wire. I reattached the wire but the problem still happens. I found that the motor is movable even when there is power. When the system is first turned on the motor locks like the other two, but after a few seconds the motor unlocks and it seems like the other motor drags it along.

how can I check that? I only use the easel to control the x-controller. I’ve never made any changes to it out of the box.

Open Machine Inspector (or press CTRL+SHIFT+D) and type “$$” in the command window. A string of $values will follow, report the value designated “$1=…”

I found that if I swap the Y1 & Y2 the problem moves to the other motor. It seems the Y1 connector from the X-Controller is not powering the motor. Would the $1 explain this?

No, $1 is the setting for stepper idle (value 255= always ON) and will affect all steppers (global value)
You may have a problem with your stepper driver of some sort.