Y axis migrating

It seems like my y axis is migrating between cuts. The first cut is good, but the second cut is off by a tiny bit. Belts are tight, wheels are tight. Any suggestions?

Have you bumped up your potentiometer for the y axis yet?

Sounds like you may be missing a step now and then and they add up and throw things off.

I did a tiny bit when I first started because one was lagging behind. Perhaps I try again?

Probably wouldnt hurt to give it a bit more. But if it starts cutting out, the driver chip is hitting thermal overload and you will need to back it down a bit to prevent this.

Here is some more concise info for your enjoyment, dont forget the popcorn!

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Could be a number of issues:
-Belts too loose OR too tight
-Pulleys slipping (check setscrews are tight and one is centered on the flat on the shaft)
-Pots are too low OR too high
-V-wheels are too loose OR too tight
-There’s probably a couple more things I’m forgetting at the moment

Easiest way to troubleshoot is to start off by checking the pulley setscrews, then the V-wheels (barely moveable by finger). If you want to check your belts and pots, I put videos on how I adjusted them on my machine at X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

yup, what he said too…

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