Y axis motor issue

Hi, I have lost movement on y axis, as best as I can recollect, when cleaning sawdust off the table and brushing agains the wires. But I have checked the connection several times, and even replaced gshield and arduino, easel driver too, so think I have another issue. I have swapped x and y stepper wires and problem follows. so I think its either y stepper wires or possibly motor? When I jog the y axis it does not move but there is a small sound. Any ideas?>

i just adjusted potentiometer and they got it moving, but when I actually cut a test it is wandering. for example a small circle is not correct.

If you just have the stranded wires hooked under the screws, check for single (or multiple) strands touching their neighbor in the terminal strips.

If wired that way and it was mine, I would remove each wire and re-connect it.

If you have crimp connectors on the wires check to make sure that each crimp is solid. If you pull on it moderately and the wire comes out, put a new crimp connector on that wire.

If you have used your machine extensively, it’s possible you have a broken wire.

It’s not likely to be a bad motor, but it can happen.

I use crimp connectors (ring) or ferrules, and I have the appropriate crimpers.

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Yeah, don’t do that. :smiley:

Here’s the key:

There are articles that claim a soldered wire is worse when used in a flexing cable, but not trying to start a big discussion here. Just why I crimp.

I agree. In the marine world soldering is usually not suggested. Because of the movement of the boat in the water wires move and bounce and the “hard” joint is far more likely to fail. Crimp is usually suggested. I have over 30,000 miles on an 18’ boat that has been beat hard and never had a crimp fail.

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