Y Axis Motors Stalling

So I have my X-Carve assembled for the most part but my Y steppers seem to be having an issue.

Here are my observations/tests.

With belts attached and steppers wired to each but not attached to g-shield - the Y axis moves smoothly at slow speeds when pushed by hand but as soon as I move it rapidly it will shutter like the steppers are feeding back to each other. I have swapped with red and white wires from the right stepper to insure proper rotation.

With belts unattached and the steppers wired together and to g-sheild - Using Easel to jog the Y axis in 10" increments (random distance but I wanted something that will rotate them a few full rotations) the pulleys on the steppers will make 1/2 rotation and then stall (they do rotate in the correct direction for the 1/2 rotation verifying proper wiring)

With belts unattached and testing steppers individual to g-shield - They each will make their full rotations with no stalling when jogged at a longer distance in Easel.

Any thoughts?

Check this:

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Bingo! It crossed my mind that it might be the pots but for some reason I dismissed it, I don’t know why because it would have been the easiest thing to troubleshoot. I turned up the pot just a tiny bit and it stopped stalling. I will dig up my multi-meter and verify the voltages like the attached video. The steppers also sound so much better.

For peace of mind though, when you push you Y axis when it is not powered up does it move feely for a few inches and then stutter?

When you move the carriage around by hand the motors act like generators so there is some resistance to movement. The faster you move the more resistance. Best not to do this much. Better to jog the machine to where you want it.

Thanks, I have other equipment with steppers but none that are wired together so I wanted to make sure that the resistance generated by the two trying to work together was normal.

I normally jog everything by using software, but that is a good point that putting power back into the controller by rotating a stepper is probably not good for the longevity of your electronics.

I swear that the pots are the source of half the troubleshooting problems haha. Glad you got this worked out!