Y-Axis not equal

Hi Guys!

Can someone tell me how the make both sides equal, whenever I slide the Y-axis fully up or down they don’t touch the sides at the same time. I added some photos for explanation.
I have the 1000mm x-carve.

Thanks in advance!

They’re out of square, you can loosen the side plate bolts for your X and Y axis, then run the carriage up and down the Y and up and down the X, that should square things up.

I had the same problem, loosen all the bolts in your spoil board as well as side plate bolts.

I have the same problem, I tried loosening the bolts on the gantry side plates and the x axis makerslide, but it didn’t do anything so I used shims on the x axis makerslide and that helped, is still out of square but it’s better than before.
also check that you don’t have the eccentric nuts turning the v wheels opposite that will give you false readings.

Thanks all, I loosened all the bolts and put the whole gantry side platen back together. Checked if everything was squared and the problem was fixed.

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