Y-Axis Not Moving Smoothly

I finally got my Xcarve set up, but I fear that one of my Y-axis steppers is defective. The axis moves very jerkily (both under power and when moving the y-carriage by hand). Please see the embedded video:

Those of you that are more familiar with the X-Carve than me, does this seem like the culprit? How would I go about testing to see which stepper is defective?

(Keep in mind I’m a total novice when it comes to electrical issues – I’m more of a woodworker, as evidenced by the mountain of Festool in the background of the video.)

Most likely your Y potometer on your Gshield needs adjusting check out the link below


@BrianSaban That doesn’t really explain why it doesn’t move smoothly when not hooked up to the GShield, though, does it?

When not hooked up it will not move very smoothly because the stepper motors actually create power when moving. You can also check your belt tension and pulleys, but by the sound from the video it sounds like you need to adjust up your Y potometer on your Gshield. it’s very common, specially with the added weight of the dewalt 611

Check over your Y axis wiring looking for reversed wires and/or loose connections and/or strands shorting together from one terminal post to another.

Moving by hand the motors act like generators and can provide resistance to movement.

just out of curiosity why is your y axis drag chain hanging like that?

I think just because that end of the machine is slightly hanging off the (temporary) table.

Thanks for the suggestion to up the y-axis pot. I bumped it slightly and it fixed everything!

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