Y axis not moving together

When my x carve changes direction on Y, one side seems to be a couple steps late changing direction.
Anyone have any ideas of what the problem is?

Likely causes::

  • Difference in friction / something loose.
  • Loose pinion that rotate/wiggle slightly on the motor shaft
  • One motor is not receiving power, causing it to trail behind the other.

You were correct. Y 1 motor had a loose wire.
When I was wiring the controller plugs I apparently missed getting the red under the connector.
Running great now. Thanks.

You’re welcome, glad it was a quick fix! Most things actually are, but determing the cause may be tricky :slight_smile:

If a stepper motor have a loose wire (and 3 are okay) the motor will energize as normal, with power as normal - but it will loose the direction. In other words it will rotate in random direction, or most typically in the direction of least resistance.