Y Axis not operating

After completing my X-Carve it has been operating my satisfactorily over several days.
Yesterday successfully produced a spindle mount plate from 5mm Al using the 300W spindle.

Setting up today for a further project and find that the Y Axis will now not operate.

I have tried all the remedies on the forum but with no success.

Suspect a problem with the Arduino?

Before switching on power supply manually moving any axis causes the appropriate green LED and blue to light.

When initially turning on power all axis green LEDs light with the blue. When jogging X and Z the LEDs light while jogging and occasionally stay lit when jogging stopped. Y axis green LED is lit continuously.

Continuity and all connections checked on Y axis . All OK.

Arduino correctly seated.

Connected Y axis lead to the X axis at the Arduino and was then able to jog the Y as normal so there is no problem with Y connections or stepper motors.

Any advice and guidance will be much appreciated.

Ok, you really want to avoid moving the Axis by hand and causing the LEDs to turn on… that is sending power back to the board. If you have to move the axis by hand, then do it slowly.

I think you may just need a bit more power going to your stepper motors…

See here for more info:

Note: you can have it set too low and you can have it set too high… click the little right arrow up there ^ and be sure to read the rest of the post and follow the links given.

Thanks for the advice much appreciated. Unfortunately I have tried this with no joy. Also been discussing with Inventables and it appears to be a fault with the G shield. My X-Carve had run successfully for a week or more so I at least have the satisfaction of knowing that it does work OK.

Very happy with performance and accuracy until this problem and pleased with Inventables response to my query.

Hi @PeterWilkens it was exciting that you were having success. I’m sorry you are now having a problem. You mentioned you were carving aluminum. In my experience that can spray lots of chips. Is it possible that some aluminum chips found their way into the electronics potentially causing the issue?

Hi Zach Kaplan,

I was using a low feed rate and only .01mm cut. The chips were very small and remained close to the cutter the controller being situated well to the left side outside the footprint of the X-carve.

However it is possible that an Al chip caused the problem, although that job finished I went on to cut some 1/4" ply wood with no problem until attempting a new project the next day

Following Sam’s advice yesterday I had another good look inside the controller both with the G-shield in situ and with it removed and I saw no evidence of ingress of dust or Al chips.

Very impressed with the X-carve by the way and looking forward to getting it going again.