Y-Axis off by 1/4" -- Headache

Looking for a little guidance here on how to get both Y-axis to go home together… I have calibrated my machine multiple times, counted belt teeth, checked the v-wheels, concentric nuts, checked for square, measured the pounds needed to pull each side, et cetera. After all of that and a headache, I upgraded the belts to 9mm, while still running the 140oz motors, hoping the belts were slipping.

Problem: The machine starts off fine, but after finishing a carve, no matter the length of time, the left side homes fine, but the right side finishes 1/“8 to 1/4” off. Meaning the left side is 4" from the end bracket and the right side is 3.75" from the end bracket.

I have one last option I will try tonight, which is to replace the limit switch.

Could it be the motors or is my machine just angry with me for because I don’t give it enough attention… “Please let it be the motors, I need another reason to updrade.”

Thanks in advance!


Changing a limit switch won’t make a difference…I wouldn’t waste time doing that.
When the machine is off, does the same thing happen?
What is your $1 grbl value?

$1 = 255
I just pulled the limit switch and it is pretty loose/bent. The arm had about 3/16" play in it. Also, I stripped the little hex bolt, so the new one isn’t going back on tonight. :frowning:

When the machine is off, I cannot replicate the problem.


I had the same problem a while back, my right side was getting stuck, it was a loose wire in the right motor. So the left one was doing most of the work. that might be the problem, maybe! Good luck!

I really appreciate all the help and advice from this forum! I finally solved the issue last night/today. It was of course the simplest of issues. The frame appeared square, but when I took it apart, all the way to the frame, it was off 1/16 here and there, as well as the gantry. The sum of all of the misalignments led to the 1/4 error. It’s now square and ready to make some new saw dust!!!

However, I am still not sure that bigger motors or a z-axis upgrade aren’t the prescription. :smile: