Y-axis off please help

Designed my own cribbage board pattern & went to carve but the carve is starting too high on the Y-axis. In Easel it’s set to about 0.75” from the bottom but when I go to carve it, it starts almost 3” from the bottom.

I designed the pattern in Easel traditionally then moved the whole project to 0.0, 0.0 and clicked the center ‘position’ button next to the X, Y coordinates and found the center of my board by drawing an “X” from corner to corner on my board to find center 0.

I hope I’m describing this correctly to get help.

Where are you setting your home position?
How big is your material?
What is the material size set to?
Your material looks smaller than the size you have it set to.

Size is 20.5" x 13.25 x 0.75" (as programmed) Maybe the reason it looks smaller is because part of the board has a resin/rock inlay. That’s the whole reason I’m so worried about it…I can’t be carving into the rock.
As I said, it’s zeroed (homed) to center which is supposed to provide a more accurate center for your carve. I described the process in the original post. And I had run a test carve previous and everything seemed fine which is especially odd.

Well certainly not with that attitude!

Anyway, the challenge with “center” is it is almost impossible to truly accurately by-eye get the top dead-center (on my Tormach it computes it via electronic probing from all sides for either a rectangular or circular piece of stock). But I can’t imagine you’d be waaay off I mean you can likely get within a small fraction of an inch. So if you were only off by that amount I’d assume that’s the problem. If you are way off, then Either the homing command didn’t take (had that happen once, machine started racing towards the top right corner of the rails and started a job missing the stock by 20”+, or something in the gcode was way off. As a test pice of scrap wood approximately the same size, what happens if you use bottom left as your 0,0 point? Same result or approximately correct?

You need to add the rock when you center the carve, you have the holes centered, they need to be further down. I’m leaving work, when I get home I will do an example if someone doesn’t do it

I included the resin & rock when I took the measurements for center.

The reason centering for 0 works better for me is because I often work with live edge slabs so getting a 0 in the corner isn’t always easy.

Sorry I got busy when I got home.
You need to just measure the board and not the resin if you’re going to set the home position in the center. The first picture is what you did and set the home position in the center of the piece, that throws the carve off. The second picture is what would happen if you set the home position to center of just the wood.
Hope this helps

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Makes sense. I’m an idiot. Haha
Thanks for the picture! Guess I’m a visual learner.
Still an idiot though.

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We all make mistakes.

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Glad it worked out. If anybody knows about mistakes its @WayneHall :flushed: :joy:


Not one of us are done making mistakes :smiley:

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Josh I noticed your router setting speed on 6, you dont need to run it past a speed of 1. It will just wear out the brushes faster.

That’s not been my experience…I’ve broken several small bits running it much slower. Bigger bits I slow it down.

And rethinking the picture you took the time to make (thank you)…I totally see what you’re saying that would make sense. But I’m confident that I took the total measurement into consideration when designing and plotting out the carve. I compensated for it in Easel as well, having the pattern at the bottom portion. In any case I’m not giving up. Thanks again

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My god this is so true. I think I would be highly suspicious of a new job working perfectly the first time. As I often explain to the students in my class, making is more about getting around and recovering from your mistakes than doing it perfectly. I’ve learned so much more from mistakes (heck some of my projects were thought up during recovering from galactic screw ups - the old “hey, this fix would do great for project X…”

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