Y-Axis Off

Hello Inventables Community,

I’m a complete greenhorn when it come to the x-carve (500mm). I have had a good 3 solid runs, but as you see in my latest run things are no longer running smoothly. The Y-Axis seems to be off by around an inch. The machine is running smoothly and seems to be working correctly-ish. Just need some insight from a veteran maker community. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you all.


Check your belt tension and V Wheels.
Also double check the pulley set screws.

Things have a tendency to rattle loose, especial after the very first couple of carves.

+1 on what Aaron said. Also, make sure you pot up your Y axis current on the gShield. Most everyone has to do this. Search for Y-axis current adjustment and you’ll see much information on it.

Roberts how to check the pots with a multi tester is the cleanest way to do it.

Thank you guys so much. It’s up and running after some minor adjustments and some hot glue. Thanks again guys!