Y axis problem

Just calibrating my unit for the 1st time and checking to see if X axis worked Z axis worked Y axis worked. So I moved to the next step in setup… Homing switches. I hit “go” and all seemed to work great until it gets bottom left corner hits limit switch and it acts like to trying to continue to keep moving forward. I thought I would move bump stop further away so it had more room. I ran through it again and same thing happened just about the same spot it happened before. (please note: it will not allow me to hit “stop” I literally have to hit the E-stop button. I have measured and measured some more all seamed to be square corner to corner and cross corners. I thought belts would be to tight so I removed belts on both sides and I check V wheels make sure they were not binding they are rolling real free with no binding. I added the belts back and tried it again and still doing it in the same place about 3" to bottom left Y axis only. And ideas for me?

As you are homing the machine press the Y limit switch manually and see if the switch is working. It is a multi touch operation, so press the switch a few times, not just once.

Keep you fingers clear of the action!

that was my next thing I was going to try… thanks !!!

Ok I tried to do this manually. I ran Y all the way up and it bottoms out and still tries to move forward. I was under the impression this is why I have limit switches to stop this from happening. I also tried X and Z axis as well and it does the same exact thing even though limit switches are in place. You think the limit switch not working properly maybe? Scratching my head on this one…

There are lots of things that can cause limit switch issues. Fortunately, it’s usually not too hard to find the problem.

Do you know how to use the Arduino IDE serial monitor?

Looking at the limit switch for the Y, how is it wired? From top to bottom I have black/red/open. Wire one way it acts as a NO and another acts as a NC.

LOL never heard of it !!! LOL newbie here … someone told me to set limit switches to soft instead of hard?

back of the switch where the hinge is black and red middle and front is nothing?

Yes, but you need to get homing working first.

How about a voltmeter and ohmmeter? Have one/ know how to use it?

yes I have volt/ohmmeter and yes I do and I will check voltage & polarity tomorrow I think I had enough for one day …lol

this is how I have them all wired. Checked and rechecked.

With the axes away from the homing switches, measure the voltage across the two wires on each switch. It should be a little less that 5 volts.

If that works out then press each switch with the meter leads attached. The voltage should drop to just a little above zero.

If that all works out we can go to the next step.

will work on it and see what I find out

Mike I think you misunderstand the switches. Those switches are only active during the Homing process they are not limit switches.

The switches can be configured as homing switches, or limit switches, or both homing and limit switches.

User chooses.

I did misunderstand that … I was under the impression those were limit switches… Well crap !!! I did check each switch out with voltage and continuity and polarity … each has 5 volts and each reads .04 once switch is engaged. So since these are not limit switches really makes me think I have done something wrong for sure… I should be able to move these switch anywhere to make contact and machine should stop at that point but it does not it tries to keep moving pass set screw. I am going to take a small video for you to see what is happening if you do not mind I really appreciate any help I can get at this point.

Read this. Switch discussion.

it will not let me post a video I guess… I will check that link out now Larry

I read it Larry and I do understand that is will not work correctly until it I get my homing correctly. But I can not get passed homing sequence right now. I feel like I probably should not have bit off more than I can chew. and just did this the old fashion way. I am not very knowledgeable with this and it is all new to me. Getting frustrated is not a good thing either.

Don’t give up. Homing makes using the X-carve a lot easier. As you learn more you’ll get more confident with it.