Y-Axis Risers with dust boot clearance

After running my dust boot into my Y axis risers several times, I decided to make my own that eliminate this issue. These are 2" taller than standard. If I made a few extra sets of these would anyone be interested in purchasing them? They are made out of 1/4" 6061 aluminum.


hey Luke,
Look awesome, How much with shipping to 38588.

Thanks Doug

$42.50 - $35 for the plates + $7.50 shipping.

I’ll take a set. Can I PayPal you

Yep - ldwils03@gmail.com
Shoot me a message or email with your shipping info

If anyone else is interested, here is an etsy link where you can purchase.

I can also customize the plates with your logo or shop name for a small additional fee.

Do you see any concern with less material at the top? Any warping or twisting

I can’t notice any flex at all. The 1/4” 6061 aluminum is amazingly stout.

Very true. Just keep in mind you will need 10mm screws in order to attach it to the wasteboard t slot nuts.

One of my projects for tonight is ordering some screws to include with the plates

You definitely want to order it in bulk. Even though the upfront cost is high the eventual payoff is huuuuge. I had to do that with my kits but now they have paid for themselves 10 times over.

I have 3 sets in stock that can ship priority Monday morning if anyone is interested.

Looking at the picture you did not leave any room for older machines that have the cables coming out the front.


Is this what you’re talking about? If so, there should still be plenty of room for that bracket I think?

Wow. That’s even older than I imagined. But no.

Ah, thanks Phantomm! Can you take an approximate measurement of how far those wires are from the outside of the Y axis makerslide? My plates are right about 1" wider than the Y axis makerslide.

Around an inch or two.

Cool, sounds like i’m good. If someone with this version of the machine machine wants to try it out, I’ll gladly replace them with a modified set for free if it doesn’t give enough clearance for the wires.

Good looking out, Phantomm. I appreciate it.

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Etsy listings have been updated to include option to include longer screws.

Hey guys, our website is now up if anyone is interested. www.tbdcnc.com

We offer dustboot clearance risers @ stock, 1", and 2", 9mm belt clips, and Y axis stiffeners @ stock, 1", and 2". We accomodate custom orders as well, just click the “contact” link at the bottom of the page and let us know what you’re looking for.