Y-Axis scale distortion

I am having a Y Axis scale distortion. The Y dimensions double when on the machine. The carving works fine when I do a simulation, but on the machine it doubles the Y scale with no apparent reason. I have tightened the belts done test after test, checked dip switches all else is as it should be. I am thinking I am getting a distortion form the software, but cant confirm. Is there a way to adjust the pot on the Y axis to decrease the movement? It would be an issue of trial and error to find the right setting, it seems a lot to go through. Any suggestions?

My thoughts turn to an incorrect setting in GRBL setup for this problem.
More than likely, you have your machine settings incorrect.

Edit the $101 GRBL parameter to 1/2 of current value or increase microstep valye to 2x current value.
Adjusting the pot. meter of the driver achieve nothing in this regard as it only set the current limit for the stepper motor.

I am a new, no idea how to do this. is there a tutorial that shows how to edit?

Open Easel, press CTRL+SHIFT+D and Machine Inspector will open.
In the Console type $$ and press Enter
A list of your current GRBL parameters will display beneath the Console.

Take a look at the $101 value (this define the amount of “steps” the stepper need to perform in order to give 1mm of linear motion)
You say your Y move 2x the intended distance, meaning the $101 value is incorrect, aka twice as high.
To change a GRBL parameter simply write it in the Console as $101=new value and press Enter
Test with $$ again to check that change have occured.