Y-Axis snap back

Whenever I home my machine at the end of the seq. the right side Y axis moves back but the left stay? what would cause this?


Does both move prior?
Something blocking further motion for the one on the left?

Seems like once the homing sew is complete the left side stays put but right side kicks back ? Nothing blocking either side.

I suspect your left side is not powered or wired incorrectly.

I would double check the Y axis rails for being square, and not simply parallel. Sounds to me like when the Y motors are applying torque, the Y axis is held square, but when the steppers release, the tension in the one side is released, causing it to kick back to a relaxed position in the stepper motor… It could also be a belt tension issue from one Y axis rail to the other.
You could have the Y axis as a parallelogram and not realize it.

  • Change GRBL parameter $1=255
  • Inside the Xcontroller, set all #4 switches on the red switch blocks to OFF.

Do the Y-stepper “kick back” now?

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