Y-Axis Stepper Motor won't Lock when Powered

I’m at my wits end here. I’ve just upgraded my x-carve and now my carves are turning out terribly. I can’t cut a perfect circle. I believe the issue is that my y-axis stepper motor which is on the right side of my machine won’t lock when powered. This means, when powered on, all other steppers can’t be turned by hand but my y2 stepper can be. I believe that this is a bad a sign and accounts for my bad cuts.

I’ve tuned the belts and adjusted v-wheels like a maniac and even tried all manner of wiring trouble shoots. I’m wondering if my stepper has died somehow or if there is something with my x-controller settings that is messing things up.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


1 - Disconnect Y1, try to jog Y-axis.
2 - Reconnect Y1 and disconnect Y2, try to jog Y-axis.

What happens in the above two scenarios?

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Did you rewire so each motor is connected directly to the XController? If not, did you turn the pots all the way up on the Y1 driver? Did you adjust the pots at all for any axis?

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Hey there @HaldorLonningdal , thanks for the response.
Disconnecting Y1 = Just the right Y Axis won’t lock.
Reconnecting Y1 + Disconnecting Y2 = The entire Y Axis won’t lock.

I feel like there is a clue in that behavior but I’m at a loss :slight_smile:

Here’s a look at my wiring:

Hey there @JustinBusby,
Each wire is connected directly to the XController (see the post to Haldor).

I did fool with the pots, but I was pretty careful to put them in the optimal range again. Going to double check.

Thanks for the response!

Hey gents,
I found the problem!

I finally determined that my right y2 motor was getting no power. After eliminating all other possibilities I started cutting up the shrink tubing on the spliced wires for my y2 motor. As it happens I had a bad connection on my red power cable. Things are looking up, I just a cut a bunch of near perfect circles!


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Excellent :slight_smile:

That is what my simple test scenario above was ment to prodivde information about.

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