Y-axis steppers out of sync after cutting issue

I had successfully cut 2 parts in 3/4" plywood (table saw push sticks with finger cutouts). The remaining space on the plywood sheet allowed a third piece so I flipped vertically and horizontally the part in Easel and reset my starting point. Cutting was doing well, until I noticed that Easel did not honor the tabs when changing the layout orientation. In fact, Easel removed the tabs in the cutout. As a result, no tabs for the interior cutout caused that waste piece to move and affect the router position. As it continued, it went off course and I hit stop.

Now the issue is that the Y steppers sound awful since they are not moving linearly together in sync as before. I assume the gantry is crooked in its positioning. So what is the fix? Do I have to undo the belts and reset belting, tensioning, etc?

(The fact that Easel does not honor tab positions and removes tabs when orientation is changed is concerning!)

Turn it off. Square it up. Problem solved.

Appreciate the reply. Digging deeper, after I loosened the belts and started inspecting, I found the Y1 connector was was no longer fully seated, so that stepper was acting goofy, it had partial movement but not in line with Y2.

A set of events not all of which a result of each other, nor in sequence I guess. Truly odd.