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Y Axis stopped during carve


Mid way through a carve the Y axis on my Carvey stopped completely and now when I try and home the waste board will not move at all and I get the error in easel saying homing failed and to check for clamps/dust etc.
I’ve given the machine a good clean and checked under the waste board and where the Y motor is for debris but it all looks good so I’m guessing something has happened to the motor or another part of the Y axis set up.
X and Z axis both move as normal when trying to home but when it comes to the Y axis nothing happens and there is no sound at all.

It may not be relevant but the cases LEDs don’t always turn on when I turn the machine on at the back and I’ve noticed the front button doesn’t seem to do anything anymore other than light up blue.

The machine is a few years old now but has had minimal use over that time.

I appreciate any help that the community may have.
Nick (UK based)