Y axis stopped moving

Hi, I have no response from y axis. I had just cleaned the wasteboard and are, and thought I had bumped a wire loose. I did on the right side find a loose red power wire, fiddled with it and tightened it back, but the next cut went wrong and then the y axis failed again. It seems the wiring is steady, all lights are on the gshield, I have tried to tighten the wire several times but now getting nothing. Any advice appreciated.

Loose wire might have blown the driver. Swap X and Y at the Gshield and see if the problem stays with the driver (X will stop working, Y will work). You’ll need to jog X to make Y move and jog Y to make X move.

Thank you. i noticed the y on ghsield light is going off and staying off, does that signify a bad shield or should I perform wiring test?