Y axis syndrome

I have an x-carve. Having said that it’s with not much pride because from the get go I have had a problem with y axis. I have checked wiring until I went cross eyed. I have cross connect y axis on to z axis and it works well. Put the same cable back to y axis on the g-shield and nothing.

I have had customer service flashed my arduino board. It works well, Thanks to John in customer support. I am at a total loss of why both y motors works when not connected to y input of the g-shield. I have adjusted the current as per advice in setting set-up.

I do have green lights on g-shield for all three axis’ .

I have spent upwards of 16 hours troubleshooting this. I have eliminated wiring, voltage and connection (partially)

Need help

Stupid question, you verified that two wires from the right Y axis motor were swapped when connected to the left side, right? If you don’t do that, your motors will try to move the gantry in opposite directions…

Can you clear this up a bit?

You hooked the Y axis wire to the Z axis output on the gShield, and the Y axis worked well?

Try hooking the X axis wire to the Y axis output on the gShield. Does the X axis work well?

wish it was that simple, no.

I did cross wire for fun and rewired to make sure I was doing the right thing. my y drive doesn’t work. when I put my y leads to the other axis’ it works…but y terminal is for y so it has to work

Well, if the Y motors work on one of the other axes and you have adjusted the current limits then it’s most likely a bad Y driver and you need a new gShield.