Y axis trouble shooting

I have tried and tried for to get the y axis to roll smooth on both sides. One side runs very smooth other side the wheels on the v rail bind up almost looks and feels as if i need washers and or spacers on one side to push the wheels farther inwords as id the side bracket is bent just a little. Has anyone had this problem before? The tension on belts are very similar i dought thats the problem. This is a new machine put together 4 weeks ago never ran a project

Have you reversed one of the phases of one of the Y motors? There is a step in the assembly process that has you do this. Did you reverse one of the pairs?

A Picture of the wiring into the X-controller would help.

Have you checked to see if the ends of the maker slides are cut square? I had to use shims (I used brass shim stock) on mine between the maker slide ends and the plates. With the belts off and all rails square and level to each other, the axis should roll smoothly and easily from one end to the other.

Both motors work in the same phases. If i press on thr right rail it lines the wheels back up and rools smoth

Like the outside is squared from the waste board out?

The waste board has nothing to do with whether or not the ends of all rails are cut square. I recommend that you get a good machinist’s square (not a carpenter’s framing square) and check them.

Disconnect one of the Y motors and see what effect that has. Once done hook that motor back up and disconnect the second Y motor. Report back what you find out.

Unplugging the y axis 1 side binds the axis 2 side the wire side im going to mess with the wheels more as i did the 1 side and see what i get out of it. Can the motors be out of fase and not working with eachother?

Yes, they can. That’s why I was interested in seeing pictures of the wires hooked into the X-controller.

Also, I wanted you to notice which way the motors were turning when you only had one motor hooked up to see if they were binding.

after looking more where i built the 1000x1000 the desk it sits on is in fact unlevel(working on building new level desk) could that be a factor as well

That shouldn’t cause your current problem.

Since you mentioned the possibility of a bent part of the frame you should go ahead and call Inventables and get them working on this problem. You would need to do that anyway if you do need a replacement part.

10-4 after i unpluged y axis the side in fact i thought was bent and or wasnt moving smooth before actually ran smoooth and the other side in fact binds now so onto the wheels and tension for now too see if i can work something ourt

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To follow up i have switch washers on the bottom wheels to the inside and i reconnected the controller to my laptop and smoked pored out of my y axis motor and boom works perfectly i have no idea what just happend lol