Y axis upside down

Hello good people of the community.
I just completed my x-carve build and I am having issues with Y axis, it is backwards in simple terms.
When I started a project I set the position to the very bottom left corner of the waste board, “0” on the X and Y axis. When I started the project it moved towards me rather than away from me, so I changed the start position to the very middle of the board and it carved the image upside down. If y’all could help me out that would be amazing, thanks guys.

Power off.
Switch the connectors for Y1 and Y2.

Did you go through the setup process in Easel? Did each axis move appropriately when Easel prompted you to check them? If you have them wired up per the instructions (and have not resolved the issue already), I would run through the setup process again and check each axis. Easel gives you the opportunity to reverse the directly in the software instead of changing the wiring.


Brandon Parker