Y axis wierdness, sort by 1.1mm per 10 cm


I had issues with getting “oval” circles, when making pcbs. my pads are not round and i found that that diagonal lines, or atleast some are notgood

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I noticed that the Y axis only goes 9.89 cm on a 10 CM move in the positive Y direction, but when i move it back it does go back to 0. Which i find odd. I would expect it to go even shorter, but im not sure.
The X axis moves are good.

Im not sure how to deal with this.

Sounds like you’re possibly losing steps. I’d suggest checking belt tension, pulley screws, pots, V-wheel tightness, and then checking calibration.

Thank you Robert,
i fiddled with the pot for the Y axis and gave it a sligth clockwise turn, and then i checked the tension of the Y pullies, and they were loose, im not sure how tight they are suppoed to be,

but my tests now are nearly spot on. I dont know, but u have not had full area movement yet


I use a $15 fishing scale to lift my belts at mid-span, and it takes about 3.5 pounds to lift them 1 inch. All 3 belts are the same (±0.1), and it seems to work well for me.

Glad it’s working now!