Y motor vibration

Hi all,

Shapoko 2, w/X-controller

Y axis vibrates really bad while cutting slow. The Belts actually slap the rail the vibration is so bad, But it cuts good and accurate. Any Ideas?

Could I have a bad motor, could it be wired incorrectly, current too high? I have them wired independently to the x-controller, one motor gets hotter than the other but there is only one current POT for the Y.


That doesn’t sound good.
How does the gantry move when off?
Could it be a bad / too tight wheel?
Is the gantry parallel? I did the “Switch mod” to help make sure mine was (You set up a second limit swithc pose on the other side with a t nut on it that hits the gantry plate so you have a stop to pull against the square up the gantry when it is off)

The motors being different temps sounds bad too. I would triple check your wiring.

Gantry moves fine when off and is Parallel, - Curious thing. While checking the wiring and such I realized that one Y motor is a different brand than the other Y, X , and Z motors. The Off brand one vibrates the most and is the one that gets hotter. Never noticed it was different before.

Turning down the POT helps a little, but doesn’t eliminate it. I am going to order a new motor and see if that improves it further.


It’s a bunch of work but you could physically switch motors left and right to guarantee it’s the motor and not wiring, tensions or other X-Controller issues.

Thanks for the suggestion, but If I am going to go through the trouble I would rather change both motors - Which is in fact what I am going to do - my OCD demands that both motors match :wink:
I just ordered 2 new ones to replace the Y’s.

While you are waiting for you new motors, check your other motors (say the Z) and swap them around so that you have a matched pair on the Y axis. It may be that you have a bad motor, but it may be less problematic on the Z axis until the replacements arrive.

I thought about that also but I’m only one state over from Inventables so they should be here tomorrow. Actually, if I had the time I could have went there to pick them up and changed in less than 5 hours. But time is a huge factor, and I don’t think I will need the Shapoko2 for anything major before then so I will wait until they arrive.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice that when I put the machine together. I don’t think it came from inventables that way either. My guess is the motors got mixed up with some motors from my 3D printer grab bag parts lol.

The Odd ball motor is a Kysan, which is most likely a different torque than it’s mate. Therefore the Temperature difference. And Kysan motors are notorious for getting hot.

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Forgot to come back and let you know the results.
After receiving the new motors and chasing a few other squirrels, the replacement motor solved the issue.
Now my machine purrs like a kitten.

Happy once again.

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