Y motors not in sync

My Y stepper motors are not in sync anymore, do I have to get a new board for the X controller, or is there a fix for this

Why are they not in sync - that is the question :slight_smile:

The typical dual stepper Y-axis where Y2 is slaved to Y1 the only typical reasons they should be out of sync is if:

  • One stepper is not getting power
  • Something mechanically is slipping
  • The stepper driver is misconfigured or not operating as it should.

What have you tested, what was experienced and how to the symptoms of Y´s not in sync manifest itself?

I first noticed it was off when carving some clipart which looked off, and it was not returning to work zero and I though the feedrate was too high so I reduced it, but it was still off, I reduced the acceleration and it was still off, I tried cutting with the same file above the material (air cut) and it still would not return to work zero,

I have set machine zero at the bottom left and them I have set work zero about 10 inches away, when I home the machine and then go to work zero the right side Y+ - Y- is off by 1/8 inch, compared to the left side and if I re-home and run again it is off by 1/4 and after a third time it is 3/8 so it is loosing or gaining steps somehow

Did you figure this out? I have been dealing with this same issue for a while now and about ready to buy two new stepper motors.


Hi Joe, I don’t know if you are aware that I use screw drive and linear rails, it was a slightly loose grub screw on one coupler that was causing the machine to go off, which I thought I had checked, but it does not matter what machine you have, you need to check that everything is tight first, it is also worth swapping the motors over on the back of the XController to see if the problem goes to the other side, I also did buy new stepper motors as I thought that was the problem, but it wasn’t