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Y motors not in sync

My Y stepper motors are not in sync anymore, do I have to get a new board for the X controller, or is there a fix for this

Why are they not in sync - that is the question :slight_smile:

The typical dual stepper Y-axis where Y2 is slaved to Y1 the only typical reasons they should be out of sync is if:

  • One stepper is not getting power
  • Something mechanically is slipping
  • The stepper driver is misconfigured or not operating as it should.

What have you tested, what was experienced and how to the symptoms of Y´s not in sync manifest itself?

I first noticed it was off when carving some clipart which looked off, and it was not returning to work zero and I though the feedrate was too high so I reduced it, but it was still off, I reduced the acceleration and it was still off, I tried cutting with the same file above the material (air cut) and it still would not return to work zero,

I have set machine zero at the bottom left and them I have set work zero about 10 inches away, when I home the machine and then go to work zero the right side Y+ - Y- is off by 1/8 inch, compared to the left side and if I re-home and run again it is off by 1/4 and after a third time it is 3/8 so it is loosing or gaining steps somehow