Y position during cut negative even though set to 0

Hello there,

I’m cutting a shape and I set my material on the 0,0 bottom left corner and defined my X and Y at that 0,0 point during the carve options (after probing) but when cutting, the machine goes to almost negative 2 (-2) on the Y axis and my cut is wrong.

I dont know what’s causing and what to do to fix, since I manually positioned the machine to my 0,0 and even so it’s not respecting that position.

My shape and positioning

Where it cuts

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Do the entire shape get cut out with the same Y-offset?
That would suggest there is a work zero related user error.

You jog manually to the preview/material lower left (XY0), do you confirm that spot as your Home Position?

Are you really talking about Home Position (the location where the machine is positioned at the end of a Homing cycle) or are you taking about Work Zero?

Work Zero which in Easel confusingly is called Home Position.
Pre-carve the user need to click either “Confirm home position” or “Use previous home position” before carve will commence.

OP say the carve happen on the red line but do not tell how the rest of the shape is cut (relative to designed shape) nor wether it stop after the carve at the same point as it was in the beginning.
So a little more information of the steps prior would be nice.

Oh, brother. Inventables. This makes you look like amateurs.