Y1 Axis Jerking/stuttering

I’m experiencing an issue with my Y1 (right) axis stuttering on my 4 month old X Carve. I’m pretty new to this stuff so please understand I’m approaching this with a very basic understanding.

This problem didn’t exist last tonight. Tonight I turned the machine on, began my homing sequence and noticed the Y1 axis lagging, not sliding smooth. I verified by disconnecting each axis to isolate the issue, whereby I saw Y2 sliding smooth while Y1 sputtered.

I’ll attempt to post a video better explaining. If any of y’all could assist me with this, this old soldier will owe you a serious solid.

Many thanks, Johnny

Y Axis Stuttering/Jerking video

Can you unplug the y cables at the controller and test one side at a time. If one side is totally unresponsive, repeat the test swapping them.

This tests whether they both work and yhe swap tests whether the issue is within the controller or not.

By chance have you moved the gantry front/back by hand, like by pushing it back at the end of the last carve?

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Seth, thank you so much for the response. I’ll be home again in a minute but I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I believe in the second part of my video I tested one axis at a time. The right side jerked, was choppy and louder than usual. It will move but it’s rough and struggling. The left side was smooth as butter. That’s testing them with one unplugged, then the other.

Additionally, when I swapped connections on the back of the controller (Y1 to Y2 & v/v) the problem transferred to the left. But that only means that it’s the right motor moving the left, correct. I’m wire blind and confusing myself at this stage.

I have pushed back and forth by hand but never under load. The only time I manually move the gantry is when it’s totally powered down.

Seth, thanks again. You’re a lifesaver here. I know the good work you do on these forums and I’m grateful for your able assistance.


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It appears that the driver chip has burned up, The most common cause for this is moving the gantry by hand… i made short video showing and explaining why…

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Thanks so much, Seth. Ill give Inventables a ring back again now and inquire about that board.

Thanks again, you’re a mensch.

  • Johnny
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