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Y1 axis motor stopped working

ive had my x carve for bout 2 weeks and it has performed flawlessly. i finished a carve lastnight ( which ran fine) and i went to jog the machine out of the way to grab my piece and i noticed that the machine was jogging “crooked” ive tried everything i can think of but my y1 motor just stopped working and the y2 motor is the only one moving. any ideas? i have sent an email to support but have not got any answer yet

Wires most likely, id check the wires going into the green connector at the back of the x controller

Did @SethCNC suggestion work?

sorry took so long… no it was actually the board in my xcontroller just crapped out. inventables sent a new one and both motors running fine. now my issue im having now is my x axis is carving out of sqaure. i just did a border around a sign and on the right side its got .25 inch to the edge of the material and on the left its got .5 inch to the edge of the material. double checked my project in easel it is programmed correctly.