Y1 axis moves opposite direction from Y2

So i finished building my x carve but im having trouble figuring out why Y1 moves opposite direction from Y2. I’ve checked the wiring and i have changed the settings and doesn’t seem to fix the problem can someone help me?

Y1 and Y2 are to be wired different that each other as they are opposed.
Look back carefully at the instructions.

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Just swap the wires on one side.

To hopefully clarify: of the four wires going from the stepper (preferably the one that is going the wrong direction) to the controller, swap the first two OR the last two of the four.

It’s spelled out right here in the online instructions:


I have my wires Identical to the visual and it’s still going the incorrect way…UGH so frustrated

What’s going which way?
You can reverse the direction of the stepper by switching the first two wires.

I’m having the same problem as holly morgan, my wiring is set up exactly like the diagram in the instructions but the Y1/Y2 Axis is still not moving together

If they’removing opposite directions, swap ONE pair of wires as mentioned several times in this thread. If one is not moving at all, or moving at a different rate, check your wiring.

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Thanks Neil, I just wasn’t sure about swapping the wires around, but I did anyway, and low and behold!! Boom! I’m good

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We fixed that by going into machine, setup wizard, motor wiring, check or uncheck reverse direction, next to the end finish.

You can’t fix the original poster’s issue through software. The Y1 and Y2 motors receive the same pulse and direction signals. If they are moving opposite of one another, the wiring is incorrect.


And if Y1 and Y2 are moving in opposite direction, swap around the “polarity” of any ONE wire pair on either Y1 or Y2.

Each stepper have four wires, forming two pairs (A+/A- and B+/B-).
Swap one of these pairs around.