Y2 Axis not moving during Setup ! Plz Help

Hi guys,

First of all sorry for my bad english level,
I’m new into the X-Carve World,I just finished to build my X-Carve, and I have some issue with my Y2 Motor.
I did the Easel setup all motor are perfectly moving except the Y2.
So I checked everything,and it is well wired acording to the instruction. To understand if it was comming from the wire, the stepper motor or the board, I reversed Y1 and Y2 and relunch it and Y1 was not working, Does it mean that the issue come from the board ? What can I do ? I already disasemble the X-Controller to check if evrithing was Ok, and it’s look like,…

Thank you in advance for your help


May be the the jumpers at the lower left corner of cnc shield is missing. Which are there for slaving A axis for Y…check if the jumpers are connected ?

Uploading… Uploading…

@JavedHasan @BobJewell Yes I have an X-Controller !

What is inside the x controller? are they using TB6560 drivers?

I didn’t find any references on it… but it the same as the one on the instruction http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/upgrade/step3/1assembly/

Ok thank you ! I will call them tomorrow and keep you informed !
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any clue…

Sounds like a bad driver chip or bad solder joint. Inventables CS will be the best to contact.

Hi, Just after your post I checked the board and found an solder that was touching an other one they were linked together… So I re-did it ! And everything working perfectly now, is it normal do I need to contact Robosavvy or Inventables Custumer Service ? I’m not really lucky… Thank you guys

If you fixed the solder bridge and it’s working, you’re probably okay but just watch for future issues.

I think reporting the issue to Inventables would be helpful for them to fix some potential quality issues during production.

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