Y2 axis wire length seems short

Hi All,
Just finishing building my 750 kit while I am waiting for the controller to be delivered. I just finished the wiring and am pretty much finished. I found the section for routing the wires very confusing. Here is the question: My Y2 axis wire makes it out with the rest but just barely. Has anyone else noticed this is short or should there be lots of wire sticking out of the drag chain? I am worried it may not be enough to get to the controller. Thanks.

Do you have them switched? Is your Y1 axis wire much longer?

Maybe Y2 vs. X vs. Z? I custom wired my machine and it was before the pre-cut cable lengths.

Length, shortest to longest: Y2 < Z == X, according to the BOM.

Pre-cut to length and connectorized for plugging in the steppers.

And according to the BOM, I was wrong. X and Z are both 97 inches, Y2 is 89 in and Y1 is 42in.

Man, I don’t know. I’m sure somewhere on the Inventables site you can find the info.

This page covers the “upgrade” of the steppers, maybe start there?

Connector housing.

Connector pins.

I figured it out. I had it wrapped around the large router cord a few times and pulling it apart and laying the lines more neatly in the drag solved it. Tbanks for the input.